Our Partners


Man Anchor

Man Anchor is a grassroots movement that is designed to engage, educate and empower men to start conversations about men’s health and in particular mental health. Man Anchor runs a number of different programs were we engage both the community and  the corporate world to raise awareness and help lay the foundations of a culture that is driven by the mental well-being of all. Some of the programs we run are our #letstalk workshops & Mental Health First Aid.

North Head Fitness

North Head Fitness opened its doors in 2012, originally as CrossFit North Head. In 2018 they evolved to North Head Fitness, with the introduction of additional classes to complement our existing training offerings. This includes Boxing and Sports Performance programs, plus continuing with our CrossFit workouts, Endurance, Barbell and Kids programs.


Collaroy Plateau Public School

We are pleased to be an executive sponsor of our local school, Collaroy Plateau Public School. A key goal of ours is to build our kids program to help the future generation to be confident, resilient and respectful - all attributes that are taught and developed through jiu-jitsu. We also want to be able to give back to our local community, so CPPS is a perfect organisation for us to sponsor!

Define Yourself

Josephine Macri, the Founder of Define Yourself, believes that everyone deserves access to the tools and techniques to help manage your own anxiety & build confidence. With suicide in teens on the Northern Beaches on the rise, Josephine focus’s her time coaching teens. Her clients work on issues they have in relation to anxiety, self belief and confidence using a mix of NLP techniques, conversation & goal setting. Contact Josephine on 0408 760 006 or josephine@defineyourself.co for a free 30 min session & tell her Northern Beaches Jiu-Jitsu sent you!

James Mills Photography

All professional photos on our website and social media were taken by Northern Beaches photographer, James Mills. You’ll either find him flying high above in his paraglider, or underwater spear fishing, usually with his camera, GoPro or drone in hand. He specialises in high end fashion and adventure sports, with a diverse range of clients such as Men’s Health, Grazia, IKEA and Sydney Airport. He’s an awesome talent, and all around great bloke.