BJJ Podcast Recommendation of the Week

From physical tips to improve your Brazilian jiu-jitsu, to mental strategies to help train the mind, build resilience and grow as an individual, here’s a collection of podcasts that have made an impact on us here at NBJJA. Do you have any to add to the list? Contact us to let us know! We love a good recommendation.

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Jack Cox
Why Your Child Should Do BJJ Over Traditional Martial Arts

Imagine your child is being bullied at school. And as a parent, you are sick of it! The school isn't helping. Frustrated and not knowing who else to turn to, you innocently decide to sign your child up for kung fu, or tae kwon do lessons.

Now suppose your child trains at the local traditional martial arts school for the next 3-4 years. They earn a black belt.

They feel great, can kick over their head, even break a defenceless wooden board!

You believe your child is now equipped with the tools to defend themselves successfully.

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Jack Cox
Does Your BJJ Academy Have a Curriculum?

Of the numerous BJJ academies, I have trained at and visited around the world, very few have a set curriculum.

The academies that do use a curriculum have a more thorough approach to teaching more balanced and digestible jiu-jitsu.

When we first implemented our curriculum, I used to think “Oh no, that is inflexible. There is no room for creativity!”. Jiu-jitsu is not like memorising multiplication tables or learning a kata.

But that isn’t true. The way the curriculum works in the advanced classes is a week will be designated to “Side Mount Escapes”. Now within those guidelines, the instructor will read the level of the students and teach something appropriate to their experience levels.

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Jack Cox
BJJ is Therapy

It is a common joke and meme throughout the Jiu-Jitsu community that Jiu-Jitsu is a form of therapy. Believe it or not, Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent form of therapy. The actual reasons why Jiu Jitsu is such a good therapy session are, it works out people physically, mentally and spiritually. With those three essential aspects of our lives taken care of, we can feel happier.

Let’s take a better look at how this works.

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5 Reason Why All Women Should Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we have listed 5 Reasons Why All Women Should Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

1. Self-Defence:

Most women discover Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) because of an interest in learning to defend themselves. The skills you acquire from training BJJ enable a smaller and weaker person with the ability to protect themselves against a larger, more powerful attacker.

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Jack Coxiwd2019
The Benefits of Training BJJ in Your 40s!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is good for everyone. But what are the benefits for those over 40?

Throughout my years of training and competing, I have seen the very young, the very old, and the disabled do well and enjoy the art. I rolled with many retiree practitioners who took up the gentle art later in life, along with those who have started young and continued training well into their 60's.

The terms “BJJ over 40” and “Old Man Jiu-Jitsu”, are often thrown about, but what exactly are the benefits.

Below are the top 5 benefits for training BJJ in and over 40.

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Jack Cox
Can Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Be Used To Combat Mental Health Issues?

Something strange happens when you begin training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ); you rapidly realise that a cerebral focus is often the most critical component when it comes to mastering the gentle art of BJJ. Rather than focusing on the cheap rush of learning to apply chokes and execute throws, you will yearn for a greater understanding of the underlying principles of the techniques. More specifically, through honing these concepts and pressure testing them on the tatami, you learn that the human mind is the most powerful asset we possess.

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