Does Your BJJ Academy Have a Curriculum?

Of the numerous BJJ academies, I have trained at and visited around the world, very few have a set curriculum.

The academies that do use a curriculum have a more thorough approach to teaching more balanced and digestible jiu-jitsu.

When we first implemented our curriculum, I used to think “Oh no, that is inflexible. There is no room for creativity!”. Jiu-jitsu is not like memorising multiplication tables or learning a kata.

But that isn’t true. The way the curriculum works in the advanced classes is a week will be designated to “Side Mount Escapes”. Now within those guidelines, the instructor will read the level of the students and teach something appropriate to their experience levels.

The real strength of having a curriculum is twofold:

1) Giving Students Goals.

Most of us are goal-oriented. We set goals based on a target of where we want to go or what we are planning to achieve. Having no plan (or curriculum) is the same as driving around without a map and hoping that you will arrive at the right place.

A curriculum is especially helpful for newer students to assemble the hundreds of BJJ techniques and principles into a logical order. The instructor may say, “Focus on these ten techniques at this time in your training. Don’t worry about the others for the time being.”


-Winston Churchill

2) Teaching Positions in a Progressive Method.

That is perhaps the most significant benefit of a structured curriculum. All of the positions, including self-defence and takedowns, must be covered throughout several month training periods.

An instructor without a curriculum is only going to teach what interests them and not what is needed by the students. The experienced instructor may be in love with berimbolos and want to specialise for the next month, but that is not the best thing for the newer students who need to learn fundamental positions like a knee-to-elbow escape from the mount.

A curriculum ensures that an instructor doesn’t fall into the rut of teaching only positions they like or are good at.

The Northern Beaches Jiu Jitsu Academy has dedicated adult and kid’s curriculums, our kid’s curriculum also contains an extensive life-skills program. Our life-skills curriculum is designed to teach children anger-management, resilience and courage to name a few of the qualities that we value and promote at The NBJJA.

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Jack Cox