5 Reasons Your Kids Should Do Jiu-Jitsu!


1) It’s fun: Simply put, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is fun. Put a bunch of kids on a padded floor, and they will inevitably begin to play fight, wrestle, roll and run.

2) It works: Because it is trained against a resisting opponent, students will quickly understand what techniques are effective and what is not.

3) They become bully-proof: If they find themselves being tackled or held down in the schoolyard, won’t freeze or freak out because they have been in those positions many times before. They will know what to do to escape.

4) Gain a new friendship group: It is quite important for kids to have diverse friendship groups and BJJ facilitates this perfectly.

5) Respect: When a child begins BJJ, they will be introduced to the etiquette, rules and rituals of the gym. It could be lining up silently before class, shaking hands and bowing or just ensuring that they are not wearing shoes on the mats.

With kids of our own, we know it’s tough to discover which sports they’re going to like! That’s why we offer a free jiu-jitsu trial class and a whole range of pricing options to suit your budget, with flexible commitment options. We’d love to introduce your kid to this fantastic sport.